Get Ready for Randoms + Update on Web Dev Studies

I’ve been SO busy…

Getting sh*t done.

Between work, spending extra time with family, and studying, it’s been hard to gather any extra energy to blog. These past few weekends, Shel and I have been out and about spending time with old friends, hanging around town with my sister (we had like 3 shopping trips!) and eating crazy good food with all the folks that we love. Which means that I have random food photos to share!

Back to business though. So a couple of  weeks ago, I couldn’t help myself and started a little project. I’m glad that I took a brief break from studying JavaScript to get back into some HTML, CSS and Bootstrap work. I signed up for a 1-Week Build Challenge and worked on it throughout the week. It was a great way to work through coding a simple web page from scratch! I loved receiving the daily e-mail; it really showed me how easy it is to breakdown a project into small parts to make it manageable to work through.

My 1-Week Build Project. Click image to check out the full website!

Each day the work took me about 15-20 minutes to complete (a little longer if I was being extra picky or needed to research a little more about a topic). It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a beginner who needs practice with HTML and CSS.

Also, I’ve finished Watch and Code! This gave me the random confidence to get back into freecodecamp vs. finishing up the web development bootcamp on Udemy. I’m currently working on the portfolio project in FCC and I plan starting an ABC challenge project tomorrow evening!

I’m also thinking about starting a monthly favorites post series. If I do, you’ll see a post this week with my September Favorites! It will be on the late side, but I gotta start sometime! And I do have quite a few favorites to share.   

I’m Still JS Grindin’…

I just suck at blogging, ha!

This is just a check-in post. I’m still at it! #javascript

So, I took a break from The Web Developer Bootcamp to take Gordon Zhu’s Watch and Code course, Practical JavaScript. I found that with the bootcamp, I was hitting major walls with working through the one off JS exercises. I would attempt to work through a problem only ending up just watching and coding along with the solution right away. Frustrating! 😾

The Practical JavaScript course was on my list to take after completing the bootcamp, but after reading so many reviews on how much it helped others to just “get it” I had to give it a go.

I’m so glad that I started this course early. I love that Gordon breaks things down in small snippets with plenty of reviewing sandwiched in the videos and after the units (or Versions in this case). Each section directly applies to a todo list app that we build through Vanilla JS. We are basically learning and coding the app as we go!

And luckily, it’s a fairly short course that is well organized enough for me to refer back to when I’ll need a refresher during the bootcamp. It’s helped me so much to better understand certain concepts like functions, for loops, and using ‘this’. I’ll probably check out his other courses at some point.

Lol, I feel like I just posted an ad for this course. Nope, this is just part of the process.

In non-code related news, this weekend is the the Baltimore Book Festival! Yayyyy! I’ll probably post some photos and book finds from the fest on Sunday. Maybe I’ll find some web development reads! 📚👓❤️

Almost Project Time! 👌🏾

Note: This is such a random post! I had to blog something though. Ok, let’s get it. 

For a few weeks now, I’ve been putting off working on any projects while focusing on studying JavaScript. There’s so many assigned projects that I have to get started on in addition to my own app that I want to begin work on (secret for now!). I just don’t want to get distracted while learning such a complicated language. 

But, it IS almost time to get into my first serious project with The Web Developer Bootcamp! So far, the focus has been a few small exercises and quizzes to test knowledge. I’m excited and a little nervous, but I know it’ll be fun to get into building something substantial. I’ll try my best to chronicle the process of this going forward. 

After the bootcamp, I’ll continue to work on getting awesome at JavaScript through the following resources (in this order):

In between everything, I’ve also been reading through Professional JavaScript for Web Developers by Nicholas C. Zakas. The mission is REAL folks. 

I knew that going into this that HTML and CSS would be pretty simple. I also knew that learning JavaScript would not be easy. It’s definitely interesting and challenging; which is why I’m enjoying the learning hustle behind it. Much like CrossFit (something that kicks my ass on the daily) JavaScript is all about mental toughness. 

And yeah, I am a CrossFitter! Totally random to just point that out on this blog. It’s a huge part of my life; practically saved it! This was my workout from today:

I ❤️ how challenging, random and fun it is! I also coach CrossFit classes and it’s amazing to be apart of the community. I’m starting to feel the same way with learning to code. 😀

Ok, no more random. Back to this behemoth of a book! 

Tools for Studying Web Development

Taking a quick break from coding today to post some goodness.

My study plan has been working out quite well this week! I spent about three evening car commutes (totaling to about 5-6 hours) working through The Web Development Bootcamp; I’m currently working on the JS Arrays unit which I plan on completing tonight. Also, for a couple of nights, I even continued working through some sections after getting settled in at home. With the other two evening car commutes, I’ve started reading Professional JavaScript for Web Developers and Tools of Titans.

Tomorrow’s plan is:

  • JavaScript Basics: Objects
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Review Functions!!!
  • If there’s time: Begin work on an ABC Challenge Project

This week, I mostly focused on Functions and… well… it definitely took me a lot longer than I thought it would. With that being said, I am happy that Functions are pretty much the driving force behind JavaScript; it’ll give me plenty of practice to nail this concept down!

I wanted to go ahead and share a few tools that have really helped me out this week that I plan to keep in my web development toolkit throughout this journey.

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Future Study Plans + Control Flow Updates

Goodness. I am still in this unit.

Mainly due to not being diligent enough with studying at night as I planned. Before I get into today’s progress of this unit, I’ll just lay out a new version of my revised study plan with an explanation as to why.

Trying to study right when I get home from work isn’t going to cut it for me. Not because I’m lazy or anything; it’s more due to time constraints. As I live in Baltimore, MD and work in Arlington, VA, it typically takes 1-2hrs to get back home from work. My husband and I drive to and from work Mon-Fri (he works in NoVA as well), so our commute is pretty hellish some days. I work from around 8am till sometime after 5pm. So that means that we get home around 7pm. On a good day, it could be sometime before 7pm that we’re able to drag our butts in the house.

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